We know that the electricity situation in an unstable grid environment is bad. We also know that you would like to be presented with a solution that can help you get the electricity you need to obtain the lifestyle you deserve.

We can deliver and install just the right Solar solution for you. Follow the links above to get an idea on what values the different solutions present to find the one that gives most meaning for you.

You can utilize the energy produced by solar during daylight and it can be stored in batteries for usage during night time.

 How our Solar systems can be a benefit for you

For all kinds of Solar Photovoltaic installation; domestic, community, commercial or industrial, the benefits for you are both financial and environmental. Financially you’ll experience lower utility bills and be protected against future rises in energy costs. Environmentally you will significantly lower your carbon footprint whilst reducing your reliance on “dirty” fossil fuels. These benefits are covered in more detail below:

Save money by lowering your bills.

Guard yourself

Against energy price hikes by installing Solar panels. We all know that energy prices are inevitable. By having a guaranteed (as long as the sun shines) supply of electricity you are less susceptible to the variations in cost.

Add value to your home.

In unstable grid environments the sale price of a property that is protected against power failure will be more likely a faster sale. Adding our Solar system will improve the valuation and the attractiveness of your property, making it easier to sell.

Plug and Play + Fully Customized Solutions