Energy inefficiency and costs are just as important parameters for banks bottom lines as for everyone else. We are experts in reducing both parameters and will give you an idea on our knowledge regarding energy efficiency and solar energy systems for banks

Energy cost efficiency:

We have performed energy audits on buildings in different industries and households through our partners.
In Nigeria we have been looking into various bank branches and have a very clear understanding on the energy challenges these buildings are facing. From an Energy cost efficiency perspective we have several interesting performance improvement options we would like to share with you.

On this page you can find some examples.

Energy efficiency:

Presence detectors.
Our presence detectors with daylight control provide banks with energy-efficient and intelligent lighting control. In addition to classic use for lighting control in offices, corridors and public areas, we can also control air-conditioning based on presence. This is a good way for banks to save electricity and considerably reduce costs. Our presence detectors react to the smallest of movements and measure room brightness at the same time. If no more movement is detected, or an individually set brightness value is exceeded, the presence detector automatically switches off the light.

Lighting systems.
Most ceiling lights at typical bank offices are 60x60cm 4x18W fluorescent lights systems that consumes 80W per unit. Today we can retrofit these lights with high efficient lights that consumes less than half – energy. Combined with our presence detectors we are able to lower the original consumption by more than 75% and provide more light.

Other energy efficiency technologies we deliver.
We work with intelligent Voltage correction systems such as AVR-systems, voltage capacity systems and harmonic filtering in larger installations. We have systems to control idle consumption and we deliver consulting on energy related matters for all clients.

If this gives meaning for your bank, we would be honored to assist you.